Authentic:  First and foremost, NOW CHURCH will be Authentic. What is an authentic church? A church that realizes we ALL have issues, but there is a God that loves us right in the middle of our MESS!  Not a “holier-than-thou” or a judgmental attitude. We believe we are here to Love people right where they are in life. Now Church is not only a community, but a family that believes and supports each other.

Relevance:  Do you still use a rotary phone?  Of course not!  The Relevance of the MESSAGE of Jesus is still the same, “He loves you!”  There are many methods to get this message to our generation while moving forward in faith.  We minister to the whole family, on their level with current and relevant teachings. 

The Bible:  We believe the Bible is God’s handbook for all people.  It will reveal Big Life Change for every area of your life: Finances, Health, Family and Relationships.  Each teaching from Children’s Ministries to the main service will have Biblical truth as its core value.

Serving:  This is an exciting, challenging and moving opportunity to give back for what God has given you.  In Serving, we share in loving others.  Your God given talents show through when serving.  Areas to serve include: Usher, Greeter, Children’s Ministry, Parking Lot, Sound, Worship Band, and Maintenance. We support the local food pantry and other community services that reach those who might not otherwise have access to services.  We believe “faith without works is dead.” (James 2:20). God is calling us to reach out and help those that are in need.

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